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Hair Removal for Women

ParadisEsthetics is providing a private setting with a variety of working hours to cater to the needs of today's on-the-go woman.

ParadisEsthetics provides Laser Hair Removal Powered by the revolutionary Elōs™ Technology. This procedure is effective for most hair colors, skin textures, and skin tones.

Elōs™ is a unique technology which uses both optical and radio frequency energy to maximize safety and efficacy. This technology ensures faster results, is safer for dark skin, has deeper penetration, and is also effective for light/ fine hair.

ParadisEsthetics also provides hair removal by means of waxing.

The Magic of elōs

Superior Safety and Efficacy--elōs Technology overcomes the limitations of IPL and conventional lasers.

elōs is the first and only technology that simultaneously harnesses the power of both bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and optical energy (either laser or light).

Developed by IPL inventor/patent-holder Dr. Shimon Eckhouse and physicist Dr. Michael Kriendel, this revolutionary technology platform effectively overcomes the safety and procedural limitations of intense pulse light (IPL) and conventional lasers.

The elōs Difference - Safe, Controllable Energy with Enhanced Penetration


  • RF, a highly controllable energy heat source, works synergistically with optical energy
  • Enables use of light energy at a level that is safe for all skin types (less optical energy compared to conventional lasers and IPLs)
  • Poses no additional risk to the epidermis
  • Precisely targets areas “preheated” by optical energy and avoids cool areas
  • Provides enhanced penetration for improved treatment results


elōs State-of-the-Art Safety Features

  • Chilled contact cooling of the sapphire treatment tip helps direct RF energy deeper into the dermis (maximizes efficacy) and away from the epidermis (maximizes safety)
  • Active Dermal Monitoring™ provides “real time” temperature feedback with each pulse
  • Contact check prevents energy pulse if RF electrodes are not coupled
  • Numeric impedance measurement guides practitioner to treatment zone (10-20%)